50 Free Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

If you’re merely beginning out on Instagram, posting photos is somewhat depressing. Once all of your excitement and exertions area unit met by nothing over few likes from a couple of Instagram followers, it’s simple to induce discouraged, even though you recognize the advantages of social media selling, that area unit waiting if you’ll realize success together with your initiative.

This article can facilitate by providing you with fifty ideas for increasing your Instagram followers and obtaining them to move together with your posts. You’ll notice that a lot of-of the ideas below are targeted on increasing engagement (likes and comments), and here’s why: lasting commitment naturally results in Instagram followers.

As you implement the methods below, confine mind that there’s no substitute for frequently posting participating, artistic and relevant pictures that your audience loves. Use the ideas below liberally; just don’t forget that engagement should be your underlying goal.

The best 50 methods to increase your Instagram followers:

  1. Use hashtags that are illustrious to assist increase IG followers: #FF (Follow Friday), #instafollow, #l4l (Like for like), #tagforlikes and #followback.
  2. Like much random footage from folks in your target market. Nichehacks has used this strategy and located that for each one hundred likes he did of random footage, he received a lot of Instagram followers.
  3. Hold a contest on Instagram. One in every of the best ways that to try and do is often to post a picture promoting the competition and so raise folks to love it to enter.
  4. Promote your Instagram account on your alternative social media accounts and profiles. Tell folks what they will expect once they’re following you (e.g., sub-rosa photos, sneak peaks, coupons, etc.)
  5. Like and discuss alternative users’ photos. This is often the first natural thanks to gain new Instagram followers.
  6. Use common hashtags. Therefore, your pictures get found in the search. A number of the first common ones are #love, #instagood, #tbt, and #photooftheday.
  7. Post photos at 2 am or 5 pm. The analysis shows that these are the first practical times to post.
  8. Hunt for an insta follow those that are victimization common hashtags like #followme and #likeforlike. Several can follow you back!
  9. Keep in mind that quality beats amount. Edit your account to go away solely the most effective pictures. Nobody needs to follow somebody with thousands of pointless images of food or alternative random shots.
  10. Use the Mayfair filter. Per Track Maven’s Fortune five hundred Instagram Report, it’s the only best filter for marketers.
  11. Ensure your bio is complete. Embrace relevant keywords and hashtags, and a link back to your website. Above all, don’t be spammy; this is often a guarantee that nobody who reads your profile can follow you!
  12. Raise queries within the captions of your photos. This is often good thanks to increasing engagement.
  13. Post on Sundays: Sundays see the fewest pictures announce, therefore posting then might get your pictures a lot of visibility.
  14. Be consistent. Recognize why you’re posting, and for who you’re posting. Be consistent regarding however you employ the platform, and your Instagram follower count can grow organically.
  15. Use calls to action in your image captions. Get your Instagram followers engaged by asking them to require any action (e.g., “Let American state recognize what you think that within the comments”).
  16. Don’t be afraid to post typically. Whereas you may expect that companies that publish repeatedly each day receive lower overall engagement, the analysis suggests this isn’t the case. Per Union Metrics, there’s no relationship between the number of pictures announce, and also the engagement received….at least not a negative one.
  17. Follow your steered users on Instagram. Go to your settings and click on the gear icon within the higher right of your screen. Click ‘Find and invite friends,’ and so ‘Suggested Users.’
  18. Use Olapic to assist you to see what forms of photos are resulting in the best engagement….then post a lot of-of them.
  19. Use geotagging, particularly if you’re an area business. Once you geotag your photos, others who post photos in your region can see your pictures on the location’s page. This is often good thanks to catching the eye of native users.
  20. Use Later to schedule your Instagram posts. Posting systematically is essential to growing your Instagram follower count over time.
  21. Very interact. All the ideas, tricks and methods within the world can’t contend with very participating on the platform. Be intentional regarding feeling photos, and departure thoughtful comments. Frequently realize new folks to follow, and have interaction with them by responding to comments and queries.
  22. Mix multiple photos into a collage for optimum engagement. Use a tool like PicFrame to mix up to nine pictures or videos.
  23. Raise an influencer to say or tag your product. If you recognize of an cogent Instagram user who has used your product, enkindle a mention. It merely may work…and can probably lead to a lot of latest followers.
  24. Post photos of things that are blue. Some analysis suggests these get pure gold a lot of likes than pictures that are orange or red.
  25. Post on Wednesdays: pictures announce mid-week receive a lot of engagement than those slightly publish on alternate days.
  26. Use the word ‘comment’ in your captions. Some analysis suggests these get a lot of comments than those considerably while not.
  27. Use faces in your photos. Dan Zarella found that pictures with faces received thirty-fifth a lot of likes than those while not.
  28. Tag folks in your photos once relevant. This ensures those images show up in those users’ feeds and makes it a lot of probably they’ll share them.
  29. The light-weight the better: Photos that have 65-85% light-weight get pure gold a lot of likes than those who are but forty-fifth light.
  30. Produce a branded hashtag. Come back up with a hashtag and encourage your Instagram followers to use it. This helps your fans to have interaction together with your whole and will increase your visibility at the identical time.
  31. Share sub-rosa photos. Candid photos convey the temperament behind your whole. Share pictures that show there are real folks behind your brand.
  32. Invite a guest to post to your account. If you’ve got connections with an cogent Instagrammer, take into account asking him or her to guest post on your mind. This is often a surefire strategy for causation your engagement through the roof; to not mention all the new Instagram followers you’ll receive.
  33. Share user-generated pictures. Re-share your follower’s images, particularly ones wherever they’ve mentioned your product(s). This may encourage others to share photos of your merchandise furthermore.
  34. Take into account canning the filters. Some analysis suggests that pictures with no filters get the first engagement.
  35. Promote your Instagram account to your email subscribers. Sporadically share a picture in your write up and link it up to your Instagram account.
  36. Promote your Instagram username on your physical promoting materials: signs, car decals, product sheets, etc.
  37. Follow all of your Facebook friends on Instagram, and lots of cans follow you back. To do this, merely head to your Instagram profile and click on on the three dots icon on the highest right of your screen. Choose ‘Find Friends’ and so ‘Find friends on Facebook.’
  38. Use edges and structures in your photos. Pictures with several sides receive a hundred and twenty-fifth a lot of likes than those while not.
  39. Tell a story. Use your image captions to inform an exciting story. Storytelling helps produce an emotional affiliation with your whole or product, and as well as a fascinating story is far a lot of probably to induce your image shared.
  40. If you’ve been at a live event and have taken photos, tag well-known Instagrammers for accumulated visibility and sharing.
  41. Use Iconosquare to trace the expansion of your account. Decide that pictures resonate best together with your audience and post them a lot of typing.
  42. Use a photograph redaction tool like Aviary to crop your pictures, add frames or effects, or to create your photos pop merely usually!
  43. Use the word ‘like’ in your captions. Some analysis suggests these get a lot of likes.
  44. Plan, prepare and so act. Like most things in life, being intentional is your best probability of success. Create an inspiration for a way you’re planning to use Instagram, then produce a schedule to stay yourself heading in the right direction.
  45. Post image quotes. Image quotes on social media at large. Overlay psychological feature, sacred or screaming quotes over your pictures employing a tool like Canva.
  46. Connect your Instagram account to your contact list. Click on the three dots button at the highest right of your screen, and choose ‘Find friends’ to attach to your email contact list.
  47. Network with Instagram influencers. Hunt for hashtags relevant to your business, and pinpoint users with high follower counts and engagement. Leave thoughtful comments on their posts, and begin developing relationships. You ne’er recognize wherever these connections can lead!
  48. Use a tool like Crowdfire to investigate however your Instagram posts affect your follower/unfollower stats.
  49. Prepare co-promotions with alternative users. Realize users in a complimentary niche who have an identical follower count and prepare for mentions or shout-outs to assist build every other’s audience.
  50. Build a community employing a unique hashtag. Produce a challenge or campaign that your community will participate in, and provides it a different hashtag. 

Remember that having an oversized variety of Instagram followers is useless if you don’t take the time to virtually move and interact. And within the finish, changing Instagram followers to customers is that the real goal. These fifty tips can assist you to build your audience and facilitate lasting engagement together with your Instagram followers that ends up in conversions over time.

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